Academic Advisor Handbook




Dear Instructors,


As of the conclusion of our Course Hours Paid (DSU) instructors’ procedures;


  • In order for our DSU instructors to log in to the Istanbul Arel University Student Information System, they need to create a new password by visiting https://obs.arel.edu.tr/oibs/akademik/login.aspx and following the create password directions.
  • When you enter your username and password into the Student Information system, you will see a list of courses that have been assigned to you.
  • You can create content (syllabus) related to the courses you teach, enter student attendance status and grade through the Student Information System.
  • According to the Istanbul Arel University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulation, attendance is needed for 70% of theoretical courses and 80% of practical courses. Students who are required to repeat the course for reasons other than absence have no obligation to attend.
  • You can use it to track student attendance by printing the signature list from the course student list located under the courses tab in the Student Information system. The absenteeism must then be recorded in the Student Information System.
  • The contents of your courses are available at https://obs.arel.edu.tr/oibs/bologna/index.aspx?lang=en&curOp= showPac&curUnit =1& curSunit =280# You may find information on your course’s measuring and evaluation methods, as well as percentages, in this section. Please email the head of the department if you have any suggestions or revision requests regarding the course profile, content, course monitoring, measuring, and assessment techniques.


We wish you a good semester,


Department of Health Management

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