Aim & Objectives






The Department of Health Management strives for creating graduates who understand how the health sector is changing and are in a continuous state of development, who have been brought up with an awareness of modern knowledge and universal values, who have developed research and critical-thinking skills in response to issues in the health sector, who are self-assured, socially responsible, who effectively complete every task assigned in health institutions, and who can manage healing environments.




  • To acquire adequate advanced theoretical and practical knowledge on subjects linked to Business and Health Management.
  • To gain the capacity to choose and use the most relevant analysis and methods for this goal requires the ability to recognize, categorize, formulate, and solve challenges that are unique to the subject of Health Management.
  • To improve one’s capacity for independent work as well as collaboration across fields.
  • To ensure that they have a sense of professional and ethical responsibility.
  • To acquire knowledge and abilities to continually refresh oneself, accessing and using accurate and up-to-date information with awareness, is a need of lifelong learning.
  • To provide graduates with the knowledge and abilities to use communication, health, and informatics technologies.

About the Department