Aim & Objectives




The Nutrition and Dietetics Program seeks to develop dietitians with advanced knowledge and abilities in nutrition, dietetics, mass nutrition systems, and fundamental dynamics in community nutrition, as well as competence in using technology and health-related research.



1. To comprehend cutting-edge theoretical and practical knowledge in illness prevention, early detection, and treatment.

2. To define concepts based on advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of nutrients, nutrition and nutrition research.

3. To guide the society on adequate and balanced nutrition with the awareness of their responsibilities in public health issues.

4. To take part in the execution of nutritional strategies and programs at all levels of mass nutrition systems, from farm to table.

5. To create new policies and carry out projects and activities by taking part in multidisciplinary studies.

6. To be aware of the need for lifelong learning in the field of nutrition and dietetics in accordance with universal changes.

7. To educate dietitians who adhere to professional ethics, evaluate health issues and put forward answers, are creative, researchers, and capable of good communication with their surroundings.

About the Department