Mission & Vision



Mission: As the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, our mission is to improve society’s health by combining scientific knowledge and analytical thinking skills with awareness of the nutritional and health issues facing society, the capacity to propose and carry out solutions to raise society’s nutritional standards, the capacity to work in interdisciplinary teams and research, train professionals, teachers and educators who can provide the best solutions to problems, who possess advanced knowledge and skills in the areas of nutrition, dietetics, collective nutrition systems, basic dynamics in the fields of health-related research and technology use, as well as those who respect moral principles and ethical standards Atatürk’s reforms and principles.


Vision: Our department conducts original studies at the national and international levels, demonstrates the value it places on research and development by actively participating in meetings, conferences, scientific studies, and partnerships on a national and international level, has set the goal of becoming a department that is known for its research and contributions to the industry on a global scale.

About the Department