Nutrition and Dietetics



People who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics pursue a career as a dietitian. A health professional who organizes a nutrition program according to the needs of individuals who want to lead a healthy life or who need to receive medical nutrition treatment is called a dietitian.Graduates of Nutrition and Dietetics make individual or collective nutrition plans for the lifelong provision of human health and development.


It is a professional field that researches, evaluates health problems caused by nutrition, seeks solutions, ensures that existing food sources are used in accordance with the rules of economics and health. Graduates of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics also provide nutrition education to society and individuals.


Job Opportunities

Dietitians develop dietary products and programs, help eliminate health problems caused by nutrition, conduct studies on nutrient analysis, nutritional values.


Dietitian works in all organizations providing inpatient and outpatient health care; hospital, medical center, clinic, wellness center, nutrition counseling center, sports facilities, institutions engaged in mass nutrition, catering companies, food sector. They can continue their academic careers by completing their graduate education.

About the Department