Faculty of Health Sciences

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation



Physiotherapists are the health professionals who follow the process and implement the program by using measurement and evaluation methods, as well as planning a rehabilitation program for the patient who has an unhealthy condition diagnosed by a specialist physician. Rehabilitation practices that individuals of all ages need are carried out in the light of scientific data and test results.


Istanbul Arel University Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation trains graduates who are familiar with the health problems of the individual and society, who have developed their problem solving and clinical skills, and who can use the right communication channels for research, development and information exchange. Istanbul Arel University, which not only does not leave its students alone in their career steps during their student years, but also carries out encouraging activities, aims to respond to the sector’s need for qualified human resources with its workplace work practices.


Job Opportunities

Physiotherapists have the opportunity to work in areas such as hospitals, private health enterprises, sports and health centers, sports clubs, nursing homes, especially rehabilitation centers. The graduates who continue their graduate education can also pursue their academic careers.




About the Department