Faculty of Health Sciences

Aims and Objectives of the Program

Social Work



Our goal is to develop professionals with advanced knowledge, abilities, and competence in the practice of social work that is both theoretical and applied. Furthermore, it is hoped that graduates who understand the responsibilities of disciplines, specialties, and inter-institutional cooperation will possess the skills necessary to assimilate the teamwork principles and carry out their duties, authorities, rights, and responsibilities within the confines of professional ethics, human rights, and social justice principles.



  1. Gain advanced theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of social work,
  2. Enable students to use advanced theoretical and applied knowledge in different fields of social work in their employment and/or scientific studies,
  3. Gain the ability to analyze the relationship between social events that take place in the world and in their own country, taking into account the effects they can create on people,
  4. Ensure that students realize their duties, authorities, rights and responsibilities within the framework of professional ethics, human rights and social justice principles,
  5. Assimilate the teamwork principles required by disciplines, specialties and inter-institutional cooperation,
  6. Adopt the principle of lifelong learning, to follow the technological changes and innovations in this direction and to gain the ability to constantly update their knowledge,
  7. Gain the skills of research, entrepreneurship, and effective communication with the environment,
  8. Gain responsibility and risk taking competence,
  9. Train competent graduates who can work as academicians in the Social Work Department or related departments of universities, Ministry of Family and Social Services, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Public and Private Institutions, Local Administrations, Non-Governmental Organizations, International Organizations and so on.

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