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Duygu Cesur

A graduate of Arel University Social Services Department…

Hello, I am Duygu Cesur. I graduated from Istanbul Arel University from the Social Service program in 2018. After my graduation, I have been working at Ekolife Life Center as the Responsible Manager-Social Worker for 4 years. I continue to provide services under the name of geriatric rehabilitation to increase life satisfaction and social functionality of elderly individuals. During my university years, I served as the president of the Social Services and Life Club between 2015-2017. Working as a volunteer in the field throughout my school life and the undergraduate education I received allowed me to easily reach the business life. I wish success to all my colleagues who have graduated, studied and will choose this department.

Merve Baran

A graduate of Arel University Social Services Department…

Hello, My name is Merve BARAN.

I graduated from Istanbul Arel University, Department of Social Service in 2016. At the same time, I did a minor in Psychology at Arel University between 2014-2016. Between April 2017 and December 2017, I worked as a Social Worker at Halkalı Children’s Houses Site. Since December 2017, I have been working in Bağcılar Social Service Center as a social worker within the scope of Family Social Support Program (ASDEP). My work areas; children in need of protection, women victims of violence and economic poverty.

Merve Dirman

A graduate of Arel University Social Services Department…

Hello, I am Merve Dırman. I graduated from Istanbul Arel University Social Service Department in 2018. After graduating, after one and a half years of working experience in a private nursing home, I started to work as a field worker in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and I am currently working same workplace. With the ministries and volunteer internships we did during the education period, I gained knowledge on intervention methods and consultation in working life. I wish good luck to my colleagues in their careers and success in this field to those who will start their careers.

Nihan Kayıkçı Büber

Hello, I am Nihan Kayıkçı Büber. I graduated from Arel Social Service Department in 2017. I attended many trainings such as social work congresses etc. It is nice to meet new colleagues, exchange information and learn new things. Our internship was very useful. Since April 2019, I have been a social worker at the Directorate of Zonguldak Devrek Disabled Life Care and Rehabilitation Center. I have never regretted choosing this profession and university. Touching the lives of disadvantaged person(s) brings satisfaction as a profession. This photo was taken at the celebration of disability week. I believe if you choose the job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. Good luck to you all.

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