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Social Work



The Department of Social Work trains professionals who will work in the field of social work aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals, families, groups and society by changing existing conditions or allowing them to take advantage of existing conditions more effectively. These professionals, called social workers/social service specialist, strive to plan and implement social policies and programs that will improve the capacity of individuals, families, groups, and society to deal with problems.


According to the International Federation of Social Workers, an approach that considers universal values as well as national values should be followed while giving priority to the needs of the country in determining social work activities. Although the issues focused on by social services are universal in general terms, the practices have priorities that vary from country to country, from time to time depending on cultural, historical and socio-economic conditions. The principles of the profession based on human rights and social justice represent both national and international ethical values.


The Department of Social Work of İstanbul Arel University considers all these definitions, principles and objectives in the education it provides to its students. When determining the program, it is aimed that future social workers / social service specialist gain the theoretical knowledge they will need and assimilate the ethical values required by the profession. Social work believes that theory and practice should be used together. For this reason, Istanbul Arel University Social Work Department attaches importance to the development of practical knowledge and skills as well as theoretical knowledge ,and offers students the opportunity to meet the field from the first grade.


The advantages provided by Istanbul Arel University Social Work Department to its graduates arise from the goals it adopts. The aim of the department is to train specialists with advanced knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of social work, both theoretical and applied. In addition, it is aimed that graduates who have understood the obligations of disciplines, specialities and inter-institutional cooperation will have the qualifications to assimilate the principles of teamwork and perform their duties, authorities, rights and responsibilities within the framework of professional ethics, human rights and social justice principles. Graduates will see the advantages of being educated within this framework during their professional lives.


Job Opportunities

Those who have successfully completed the bachelor’s degree in Social Work and are eligible to receive the title of “Social Worker / Social Service Specialist” will have the opportunity to work in the relevant units affiliated to the specified institutions and organizations:


*Ministry of Family and Social Services,
*The Ministry Of Health,
*Ministry of Justice,
*Department of Social Work or related departments of universities,
*Public and Private Organizations,
*Local Governments and their affiliated units,
*Non-Governmental Organizations,
*International Organizations, etc.

About the Department