The Other Lecturers In Our Department



Prof. Dr. Niyazi ACER

Faculty of Medicine : Anatomy

Prof. Dr. Metin ATEŞ

Department of Healthcare Management: Graduation Project

Prof Dr. Ercan ABAY

Department of Psychology: Early Intervention Methods, Child Abuse & Neglect

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Halil CANKUL

Department of Healthcare Management: Management of Healthcare Organizations

Lecturer Dr. Sevinç MİSS

Faculty of Medicine: Physiology

Lecturer Dr. Ali TAŞTEKİN

Department of Turkish Language and Literature: Children’s Literature

Lecturer Dr. Suat PEKER

Department of Healthcare Management: Research Methods

Lecturer Dr. Göksel BASMACI

Department of Journalism: Children and Media

Lecturer Dr. Bahattin ODABAŞI

Department of Graphic Design: Art and Creativity

Lecturer Dr. Serkan DORA

Radio and Television Programming Programme: Sociology

Dr. Eylül Alnı AÇIK

Hourly Paid Course: Social Anthropology