Our Values And Goals



1. To give scientifically based medical education.


2. To execute the training process using continuously updated training programs and highly qualified academicians based on recent developments.


3. To ensure that the theoretical and practical courses envisioned in the National Core Curriculum (NCC) are executed in the most efficient manner possible.


4. To execute student-centered initiatives, ensuring student engagement in projects, and assisting students in participating in social responsibility projects.


5. To train highly qualified physicians who value research and critical thinking, who have the knowledge, skills, and competencies to battle our country’s health issues, and who can adapt to evolving technologies and medical practices.


6. To train physicians who are sought after on a national and worldwide scale, who understand that public health and preventive health practices take precedence over therapeutic medicine practices, and who can effectively interact with their patients, colleagues, and society.


7. To train idealistic physicians who will use their knowledge, talents, and abilities for the benefit of humanity, are committed to ethical ideals, and will set an example with their attitudes and behaviors.