Finance and Banking



The Educational Process

The success of a firm largely depends on its financial decisions and planning.


Financial decisions often require a large amount of money. Our aim is to train managers who adapt to the rapidly changing financial markets and understand the natural laws of the free market system.


Now financial managers have become experts in our country, not only those who carry out credit business with banks, but also those who have a say in the company’s investment channels and can make a decision to provide the most appropriate resources for financing these investments.


For this purpose, great attention is paid to vocational training and practices within the framework of cooperation with the distinguished institutions and companies of the market in the banking and finance sector in order to provide the students of our department with practical knowledge and skills, as well as theoretical knowledge of the banking and finance sector during their 4-year education. Foreign language education, which is one of the main conditions for preparing for global competition, has been intensively provided for 4 years, and in addition to advanced English, professional English has been included in our curriculum for our students to master technical terminology.


If our students meet the necessary conditions, they can also participate in double major or minor programs of other departments in IIBF (Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences). Moreover, they can have a broad vision by continuing some of their studies at foreign universities where our university has made a “Student Exchange Agreement” within the framework of the Erasmus program.


In the globalizing and constantly growing financial markets, the need for personnel with technical and practical skills, who can adapt to the competition quickly and who are equipped is increasing day by day.


In order to support the personal development of our students with practical applications, it is mandatory for them to practice at work. Therefore, our University’s Career Planning, Application and Research Center (ARELKAM) and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences work together to provide students with application areas in partner banks and financial companies.


Job Opportunities

Our graduates have the opportunity to work in finance and accounting departments of all public and private sectors, as well as financial intermediaries such as banks, leasing, factoring, CMB (Capital Markets Board), producer and consumer financing companies, stock brokerage firms, insurance and private pension companies, both nationally and internationally.


About the Department