1-) Where can I find department prices and payment options?

2-) Can I pay with more than one credit card during registration?

Yes, installments are made with more than one credit card.

3-) Can I come to the institution and have it withdrawn every month with a credit card?

All fees are paid in installments during registration.

4-) Is there any installment option other than credit card?

You can open an account with Yapı Kredi Bank with an Overdraft Account. Monthly installments are made through the bank account.

5-) Can I register for a course without paying the tuition fee?

Financial registration is required.

6-) Who decide annual increase in education fees?

Annual increases are determined by the Board of Trustees.

7-) If one or more courses are failed, will the scholarship be terminated?

Unless a disciplinary penalty is taken, the scholarships will not be terminated within the periods specified in the scholarship directive.

8 ) Can you give information about the pricing of double major and minor programs?

Minor and Double Major programs at our university are free of charge.

9-) Is the Summer School included in the annual tuition fee?

Summer school fees are not included in the tuition fees.

10-) Can I pay the training fee dividingly as 1st semester and 2nd semesters?

No, It is charged as an annual fee.

11-) Will my scholarship terminated when my school is extended?

Scholarships are not valid for school extensions, a fee is charged per credit.

12-) Is there an early payment discount?

Early payment discounts are determined by the Board of Trustees.


1-) Is the scholarship valid for lateral transfers?

Scholarships continue for in-house horizontal transfers.

2-) Will my fee be refunded when I leave your university with a lateral transfer?

Fall and spring lateral transfer payments are refunded in the next academic year.


1-) What are the disenrollment refund conditions?

If the student is dismissed in the fall semester, s/he will only receive a refund for the spring semester, even if she or he does not receive education. If student deletes the registration after the spring semester starts, s/he cannot get a refund. Disenrollment refunds are made in the next academic year. You can find detailed information in the Associate Degree and Undergraduate Regulations.

2-) If I go another university with lateral transfer and return back, will my scholarship continue?

Your scholarship will be terminated, however you can benefit from the transfer scholarships given by the Board of Trustees to our students who come with lateral transfer.

3-) I got into Istanbul Arel University, but I want to suspend study. What should I do?

In suspend study process, annual fee is paid and the next year, the difference in price is charged.