Graphic Design Program



In the 2011- 2012 academic year, Graphic Design Master’s Program with thesis or non-thesis Graphic Design Master’s Program started education in the Graphic Design Department of the Social Sciences Institute of our University.


The aim of the Master’s Program is to enable students, who can design products in every field related to visual communication and work on visualizing an idea in the most accurate way, during their four-year undergraduate education, to develop their knowledge and creative aspects in the subjects they think to specialize in, and to turn to new inventions. The student studying in the Graphic Design Master’s Program learns to research visual problems and to design with an aesthetic approach.


With the developing business life, the need for graphic designers is gradually increasing. The practices of graphic designers are effective in all areas of business and private life, from design to communication, from promotion to marketing. Graphic Designers can pursue academic careers, as well as work in advertising agencies, desktop publishing, photography and multimedia.



  • ALES Conditions are not required for applying to the Graphic Design Master’s Program. Bachelor of Fine Arts and non-bachelor of Fine Arts graduates are accepted.
  • In the Graphic Design Master’s Program, students who do their undergraduate education in a different branch can take courses from undergraduate courses when necessary. The student makes the course selections in the field in which s/he wants to improve himself/herself in the presence of an advisor.
  • The courses taken from the undergraduate courses are non-credit and do not affect the credits of the courses they will take in the master’s degree. The student completes their knowledge, skills and deficiencies with the courses s/he will take in the scientific preparation program, and forms the basis for the courses s/he will take in the master’s degree.