Graphic Design Program (Proficiency in Art)



As it is in line with technological developments and changes in art, our students will gain knowledge on all issues related to the field of graphic design and will be trained to have the necessary skills for the production to be made in the industry and private workshops, and when they graduate, they will be able to work as a graphic designer or freelance artist. The Graphic Design Department, with its expert and experienced staff in education, is capable of successfully continuing the proficiency programs in art.


The Department of Graphic Design (Proficiency in Art) aims to apply these skills, which the student has gained through scientific research methods including research, discovery, application, supervision and conclusion processes, in the field of art and industry. The syllabus included in the proposed program has a curriculum that includes both industry-oriented and scientific and artistic activities. When the student graduates, s/he will follow the technological competencies and artistic activities of the age, and will be thrown into the sector without alienation. Since the students are in a city that is the center of art, they will graduate by following artistic activities.


Graduated Graphic Design (Proficiency in Art) students can work as graphic designer, artistic director, art director and creative group head in advertising agencies, graphic design studios, graphic design units of printing houses, publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, photography studios, as well as academicians.


The application requirements of the candidates to the Graphic Design Proficiency in Art Program are as follows:


To have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from any Faculty of Fine Arts or an equivalent department whose equality has been approved by the Council of Higher Education.


To fulfill the student application requirements specified in the Graduate Education and Examination Regulations of the Institute of Social Sciences of Istanbul Arel University.


ALES is not required for the Graphic Design (Proficiency in Art) Program. To have a UDS score of at least 55 or getting an equivalent score from an exam accepted by the Interuniversity Board.