Graphic Design



The goal of the Graphic Design Program is to train creative designers who can solve visual design problems and use the equipment effectively. The Graphic Design Program trains individuals who are experts in order to meet the visual communication needs of the society in printing, advertising and many related sectors, as well as intermediate staff who can produce in areas such as photography and video.


Technical trips and sector meetings are organized within the scope of courses, seventy percent of which are applied. At the exhibitions held at the end of the semester, our students present their work to the audience.


Our students who study graphic design are basically employed in the sector as designers who can solve visual design problems, use their equipment effectively and produce content.


Graduates of the program can find job opportunities as graphic and design specialists in various sectors.


Undergraduate Departments that can be transferred with DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) *


– Graphic Design
– Graphic
– Visual Communication
– Visual Communication Design
– Visual Arts
– Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design
– Communication Design
– Communication and Design
– Photography
– Photography and Video