Graphic Design



Training Process



The Department of Graphic Design, which provides undergraduate and graduate (master’s / proficiency in art) education, has adopted an education program that aims to develop students’ characteristics and abilities and adapts to today’s conditions.


With the rapidly developing technology, the need for graphic designers is increasing in a wide range of business life. In this context, the importance of graphic designers in integrating drawing, painting, photography and writing and activating communication by using computer and multimedia techniques comes to the fore.


In our department that accepts students with Special Talent Exam, students are given courses such as logo, poster, billboard, packaging design, book and magazine design, typography, computer, animation, web design, photography and illustration. Practical studies are carried out in the PC and MAC computer laboratories, photography studio, printing workshops and application workshops in our department.



The Objectives of the Department:


The objective of the department is training young designers and managers,



·         who are based on the intellectual infrastructure of art culture,


·         who can comprehend the basic techniques and artistic subtleties of graphic design,


·         who can design all products within the visual communication system,


·         who are creative and who have high entrepreneurial power,


·         who can combine the act of creation and knowledge with aesthetics and


·         who are experts in their fields.


Our department, based on the exploration and processing of design philosophy during the training period, prepares its students for business life with experienced academic staff in the Mac Laboratory and the Photography Studio, which are the basic elements of graphic design.


Our department continues its development by crowning its undergraduate education with a graduate and a Proficiency in Arts program.


the 30-day internship period is a guide in all the relationships of the student in the professional field, from design to communication, from promotion to marketing.


In line with technological developments and changes in art, our students who are trained to have the necessary knowledge and skills for the production to be carried out in all matters related to the field of graphic design, in the industry and/or in private workshops will be able to work as graphic designers or freelance artists when they graduate.


Job Opportunities

Graduates as graphic designers can take the first step towards an academic career by taking graduate education in addition to working in advertising agencies, graphic design studios, graphic design units of printing houses, publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, and photography studios.


A 50% Arts and Talent Support Scholarship is provided to every student studying in our department.





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