Head of Department


  1. Head of the Department is appointed by the School Director from among the Department’s Instructors, taking into account the performance criteria. The term of office of Head of Department is two years and can be re-appointed.
  2. To determine the Vice-Head of Departments.
  3. To participate in the work and process of opening or closing programs connected to the department.
  4. To determine the need for an instructor, to participate in the process of hiring an instructor.
  5. To organize the training and orientation processes of instructors in the profession.
  6. To motivate and track the performances of the instructors.
  7. To start the part-time instructors and to ensure that the educational activities are carried out smoothly.
  8. To motivate the academic studies of instructors of the Department and to ensure the updating of the Higher Education Database (YÖKSIS) information.
  9. To ensure the follow-up of the reports and leave (annual, excuse) transactions of instructors of the Department and to transmit them to the Directorate of Vocational School.
  10. To provide compensation for courses that cannot be completed in order to conduct the educational process effectively and smoothly, as well as to inform the Directorate of the Vocational School.
  11. To determine all kinds of tools and equipment (laboratory, classroom, etc.) needed by the department and to notify the Vocational School Directorate.
  12. To allocate the program courses among the instructors according to their specialization, taking into account the course load.
  13. To follow the automation processes related to the department (course registration, grade entries, polling entries, syllabus, Erasmus, lateral transfer, vertical transfer, scholarship topics) and to ensure continuity.
  14. To determine the exam programs under the coordination of the Directorate and to coordinate the conduct of the exams in accordance with the exam regulations.
  15. To ensure academic activities by providing communication between the instructors and other Heads of Departments for the purpose of efficient and effective realization of education-training and scientific research.
  16. To deal closely with the educational problems of the department students and to produce solutions.
  17. To develop a common strategy and attitude by meeting with the instructors of the courses about the absenteeism of the department students.
  18. To work in coordination with the Career Planning, Application and Research Centre (ARELKAM) for the healthy implementation of internship applications.
  19. To organize a monthly meeting on a regular basis in order to share academically and evaluate monthly activities, to ensure cooperation between departments and programs, and to ensure that the Vocational School Directorate is notified in writing on the first Friday of each month.
  20. To prepare an annual evaluation report on the programs at the end of each year.
  21. The Head of the Department is responsible to the Director of the Vocational School for the performance of duties and the use of the powers.