The Department of Turkish Language and Literature, which was established in 2008 under the Faculty of Science and Literature of Istanbul Arel University, is based on examining the Turkish language and literature from past to present with all its features. In this context, the Department of Turkish Language and Literature is divided into two main disciplines: Turkish Language and Turkish Literature.


The department, which started education with two faculty members in the 2007-2008 academic year, enriched its academic staff over time in order to achieve its goals and objectives, and in the 2021-2022 academic year, with 2 Professor Dr., 1 Assoc. Prof. Dr.,  6 Asst. Prof. Dr., 1 Instructor and 2 Research Assistants, it has reached a total of 11 full-time faculty members. With the enrichment of the academic staff, it was ensured that the quality of the consultancy service provided to the students in the department increased and all the courses in the department were given by academicians who are experts in their fields. With the enrichment of the academic staff, it has been paved the way for the faculty members to devote more time to scientific activities and research.

About the Department