Hospital and Health Institutions Management Program



Nowadays, the need for good establishment and management of these institutions as well as the need for physicians and nurses in the field of health and hospital is increasing rapidly in Turkey as well as in the world. Because good management is necessary not only for trade, industrial and service enterprises, but also for all stages of work in medical institutions and hospitals. Considering that it is connected to the aim of increasing the health and living standards of people and improving the quality of health services, it becomes clear how important and meaningful the health services sector, which has undertaken the function of protecting and improving human health, has a place in all fields of activity.As a matter of fact, in all developed countries, the health services sector has the feature of being the sector that receives the largest share from the national income.


With the emergence of the problem of managing large health institutions that contain a very complex manpower and the realization of this need, efforts to train professionals who will manage the complex dimensions of the health system on a scientific basis have been initiated. The management phenomenon, which has no doubt that it has a great contribution to activating the health system, should be considered as a new profession in the field of health services and efforts to establish and develop this profession should be intensified.


In the Hospital and Health Institutions Management program, it is aimed to train professional managers who will contribute to raising the health level of the society by increasing the performance of health systems. For this purpose, accounting, total quality management, etc., which will provide the necessary knowledge and skills for the determination, planning, supply of resources, economy and finance, organization and management of scientific health policies that comply with the needs and conditions of our country. A training program consisting of courses including health services and management of institutions will be implemented.