Human Resources and Management Program



While organizations that make classical production rapidly lose value with the wave of change, there is an explosion in the knowledge and information intensive industries and the service sector; and also the definitions of current jobs are changing and new jobs that require high skills are emerging, while most of the jobs disappear due to technological developments. With the existence of the Generation Y, who uses brain power instead of muscle power with new jobs, has quite different expectations from business life, does business in virtual environments, chooses a job rather than looking for a job, and transfers to another business when there is no environment, a new generation of Human Resources emerges with completely different motivations.Understanding that the expense of obtaining all resources that affect costs, namely competitiveness, is equal and their output is limited, focuses attention on human resources. Indeed, in the information society and the new economy, where it is quite difficult to save on all other factors, the only and most important resource that has the potential to bring organizations with its competence and creativity is considered to be Human Resources.


The fact that people are important as they are investing, managing, designing, producing, distributing, selling, serving and even buying all other resources makes their strategic importance quite understandable because they cannot be substituted and their output is unlimited.Understanding the importance of people and attributing the importance they deserve has brought the Human Resources Management Unit and Human Resources Managers, which is the coordinator of human-related practices within the organization, to the forefront, and even brought them to the top management and decision centers of the organization. Because the new conditions in business life need the employees who are innovative, creative, developing and carrying the business to advanced dimensions instead of mediocre-ordinary employees who can only fulfill their job requirements. However, it is impossible to find such employees anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is important how to make the current employees competent and creative and how to ensure that they reveal their potential in accordance with the goals of the organization. In this sense, it requires right Human Resources Management practices that take into account not only the members of the organization but also the potential of human resources outside the organization, and that see differences as richness and development potential.


In this context, effective management of Human Resources becomes the most important function of the manager at all levels, not only Human Resource Managers. Therefore, it is strategically important for organizations and managers at all levels to acquire a new Human Resources Management culture. Therefore, it is strategically important to introduce a Human Resources Management culture to managers at all levels in all sectors and all departments through the Human Resources and Change Management Master’s Program.


On the other hand, the main purpose of education is to equip people with information that they can understand and explain the world better, be useful and direct. This information should be able to be a solution not only to the problems of today’s world, but also to the problems of the future business and social life. The Human Resources and Change Management Master’s Program, which is handled with this perspective, is designed for domestic and foreign institutions providing education in the field, graduate education programs of universities, human resources specialists and managers who produce work in the public and especially in the private sector, especially in NGOs, has been designed with great care, taking into account the expectations of human resources professionals and managers.


In this context, the aim of the program has been determined as to train competent professional experts and managers who ensure the realization of organizational goals by effectively and efficiently managing Human Resources, which is the most effective tool that organizations that want to survive in today’s brutal competitive environment and make a difference to their competitors can use to achieve their goals. Based on the fact that every manager is also a Human Resources Manager, by increasing the managerial competencies of existing managers and human resources specialists and improving their Strategic Human Resources Management skills, it is to bring graduates who will increase the competitiveness of the organization and therefore the country to business life.


For this reason, Human Resources Management is required for graduates directly related to the field such as Business Administration, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, as well as those who have graduated from other fields including social, engineering, technical, medicine because they are also the actual human resources managers in organizations. For this reason, the Human Resources and Change Management Master’s Program aims to provide all managers from different disciplines, who still work in the management levels of organizations, with a new Human Resources Management approach, which is strategically important for the life expectancy and competitiveness of organizations.