Education and Development



We define our vision and mission with the approach of ”Education is the most important investment for all our employees and for the future of our University. ” and with the perspective of lifelong learning. We attach importance to professional and personal development trainings in accordance with the policy of our University in order to increase the level of knowledge, skills and quality of service of our employees.


We develop our trainings by combining the needs and wishes of our employees with the experience of Human Resources professionals. Our goal in the field of education and development is to ensure that our employees have all the knowledge and skills, both individually and professionally. Thanks to our trainings, we aim to increase the productivity and effectiveness of our employees in their works and to increase their development and performance.


While determining the appropriate trainings, we select programs that will contribute to the professional development and career plans of our employees by taking into account the qualifications of the job and the employee.


  • Compulsory Education Programs
  • Personal Development Programs
  • Professional Development Trainings