Recruitment Policy



The principle of the selection and placement system of İstanbul Arel University is employing trained and professional human resources,


  • Being competent in the relevant field,
  • Being able to adapt and apply the philosophy, vision, mission and principles of İstanbul Arel University,
  • Developing themselves, their team and their institution,
  • Following and applying the developments in technology.


Versatility and Being Open to Innovation

It is important that candidates have characteristics appropriate to the technical requirements of the job, as well as be versatile, open to learning and innovation, successful in human relations and have initiative. First of all, we include people in our list of potential employees, who are deeply committed to their work, have high communication skills, can empathize, are effective in teamwork and taking initiative, and are also experts in their job.


You can follow and apply for open positions in our administrative staff on www.kariyer.net and open positions in our academic staff on www.arel.edu.tr.


Adopting the principle of “equal pay for equal work”, the wage policy at our university is determined and updated depending on wage levels, current market trends and our performance evaluations. Wages are paid monthly in the first week of each month.