International Relations Program



Today, when national borders are stretched for various reasons, opportunities for cooperation increase while international conflicts continue. When the developments that cause both conflicts and cooperation opportunities are examined, a multidimensional picture emerges on political, military, economic, social and environmental bases.


This multidimensionality has further increased the importance of the discipline of international relations.In this context, the purpose of the International Relations Master’s Program is to provide advanced specialization by helping students to increase their knowledge and analysis skills in certain subjects of international relations, taking into account the multidimensionality of the international system.


International Relations Master’s Program aims to train specialists who can be employed in a wide range of sectors with the help of courses that will be offered in a free-thinking environment in accordance with the purpose stated above.


In this context, the graduates of the program will be able to use their expertise in the academic staff of universities, in the expert staff of various ministries, primarily the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of European Union, in positions where international relations expertise is needed in the private sector, as well as in various research institutions and think tanks.