The Department of International Trade and Finance (English) aims to train entrepreneur and manager candidates who know the principles and rules of international trade and finance, export and import legislation, have knowledge of national and international business administration, follow international economic relations, use information technologies by implementing contemporary management techniques in an intensely competitive environment with the innovations offered by the information world.

Goals of the program are listed below.


· Train management candidates equipped with the application techniques of international trade, business, logistics and finance

· Train individuals who can work in national and international markets, who are competitive and open to innovation.

· Enable them to work in public institutions, national and international companies, foreign trade, foreign marketing and finance departments, foreign transactions and fund management units of banks related to the field of international trade and finance.

· Enable them to work effectively in teams of people from different cultures and gain effective communication skills both verbally and in writing.

· Enable them the ability to take foreseeable and unforeseeable risks, as well as the ability to make quick and correct decisions and implement them.

· Provide students with the notions of innovation, research, entrepreneurship; Ensure that students act with a sense of social and ethical responsibility.


Train business manager candidates who are equipped with leadership skills and adopt the principle of lifelong learning.