International Trade and Logistics Program



It will enable graduates who have completed their undergraduate education in the fields of economics and administrative sciences and similar fields with the International Trade and Logistics Master’s program, as well as those who have received education in different undergraduate backgrounds, to turn to sectors that require more effective and expertise in the fields of foreign trade, customs and foreign trade finance. Also, We are designing a modern high-level program that aims to equip them with the knowledge, skills and competencies that will contribute to their success in an intense competitive environment.


The aim of the International Trade and Logistics Master’s Program is to provide our students with a high-level education that will enable them to closely monitor the changing/developing world trends in this field, to interpret them analytically, and to produce solutions suitable for national/global conditions. In addition, it is our Institute’s mission to develop graduate programs to meet the academic and sectoral labor force needs that will serve for the realization of the “2023 Turkey Export Strategy and Action Plan”.