Authorities, Duties and Responsibilities of the Legal Consultancy


1. Providing legal opinions on all matters that may have legal, financial, administrative and criminal consequences, which are transferred from the Rectorate, General Secretariat and other units,

2. Taking timely legal measures to protect the interests of the University and to resolve disputes in order to avoid legal disputes,

3. Assisting in the execution of contracts and agreements to be concluded on behalf of the University in a manner that does not give rise to legal disputes and in line with the interests of the University,

4. Examining the examination and investigation reports on University personnel or on other issues and referred by the Rector and the Secretary General and carrying out the proceedings and actions required by the legislation,

5. Providing legal opinions on draft laws, rules and regulations sent by the Rectorate for opinion,

6. Following up all kinds of lawsuits and execution proceedings in favor of and against the University from the center or on site when necessary,

7. Issuing cease-and-desist letter and letter of advice on behalf of the University, responding to notifications to be made to the University from judicial and administrative judicial authorities, executive offices and notary public,

8. Representing the University before judicial and administrative judicial authorities, executive directorates, official and private institutions and organizations,

9. Performing similar duties assigned by the Rectorate and stipulated in the legislation.