Logistics Management



The increasing globalization of international trade and efforts to enter the common market have led to an increase in land-air-sea transportation and logistics services provided to companies. It is inevitable that the companies providing services in this regard will improve their service quality and standards. Logistics is the efficient planning, execution and supervision of products and services and all kinds of information flows related to them from the starting point of raw materials to the end point where the product is consumed in order to meet the needs of customers.


In order to provide all these features, qualified middle and high-level employees are also needed. The aim of this department is to train manpower for the management of logistics issues in the logistics and transportation sector, as well as manufacturers and commercial enterprises. The sector needs manpower trained in this regard. In addition, by a legal regulation, organizations engaged in transportation and logistics activities are required to be managed by managers with specialized diplomas.


The program of the department has an interdisciplinary nature. In the first year, students receive an intensive foreign language (English) education in addition to general business and commercial knowledge that will form the basis of professional knowledge. During the summer months, there are internship obligations that allow them to consolidate their professional knowledge in the field of practice.



Job Opportunities

Graduates of this four-year department can work in the departments of planning, marketing, sales, logistics, management, accounting, communication, customs of national or international logistics and transportation organizations, as well as in the relevant departments of organizations that perform “Supply Chain” management. Therefore, there is a wide range of study and job opportunities for graduates.


About the Department