Management and Organization (Distance Education)



Management and Organization Master’s and Doctoral Programs are the most prestigious programs of universities all over the world. The aim of the Management and Organization Master’s Program is to train experts who can work in the leading companies of Turkey and the world, and to provide students with expertise equivalent to the leading graduate programs in the USA and the world. Another aim is to provide comprehensive contemporary Management and Organization training to company leaders and managers who need to have learning organizations that can compete in the rapidly changing business world.


One of the most important goals of our program is to provide participants with the analytical thinking, accurate decision making, superior management skills they need in the increasingly competitive business world, and to equip them with information that will enable them to be prepared for the most up-to-date strategic, managerial and sectoral developments they may encounter in real life.  The program in question is intensive and students are expected to make scientific publications and contribute to this field academically. The aim here is to create and share information about critical issues affecting management practices around the world.


The Master’s program in Management and Organization at the Istanbul Arel University Distance Education Center (ARELUZEM) is designed according to the requirements of the business world in the field of management. Distance Education, through courses such as Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, Total Quality Management, Change Management, and Leadership, is a professional manager training program that aims to add a new dimension to graduate education with its interactive structure.


There is no difference between graduates of our Distance Education Program and graduates of formal education. Our diplomas are approved by the Council of Higher Education and are equivalent to formal education diplomas.


Pass grade of the course in our distance education programs is calculated as:The Final Exam (80%) + Mid-Term Exam Grade (20%). Mid-Term Exam Grade is calculated as:

  • Assignments: 25%
  • Midterm Exams: 50%
  • Active Participation: 25%.

A grade of active participation is given through attendance at classes, but there is no fail due to absence.


Students are required to come to our University Sefaköy Campus for their Final Exams. At the end of each semester, our final exams take place on a weekend. Other exams and assignments are followed online. There is no obligation to come to our campus except for final exams and final registration procedures.