Management Information Systems



The older generation people were born in the first, middle, new and recent ages and lived in the conditions of their era. Today’s generations, especially young people in the education period, live in the conditions of data, information, science, informatics, information technology, artificial intelligence technology, bio-technology and nano-technology. In the 2020s, people will carry out design, production, marketing, marketing research, storage, distribution, accounting, finance, human resources, public relations, communication, interaction, shopping and all other business and transactions, not under the conditions of yesterday, but in the conditions of the information age with information technologies. As a consumer, people can see millions of price data of global market on their screens instantly.


People interested in stocks can find instant price movements in front of them with a few clicks of the electronic buttons. It is possible to see the product descriptions, product designs, product images, product prices and the like of thousands of businesses from all over the world, especially in the USA, at the speed of light. Similarly, thousands of businesses across the globe are marketing their goods and services from various web locations demographic data, economic data, consumer behavior patterns and various market conditions, for free or with purchase.


Marketing stages are also carried out on the Internet in the conditions of the information age. In addition, enterprises and other institutions access their own production, financing, marketing and human resource data using the same modern information technology. This Modern Management Information Systems is a field of expertise that facilitates managers, employees, the public and consumers to make correct, fast, consistent and healthy decisions and provides competitive advantage.The Department of Management Information Systems has started its education and training with the most ambitious consciousness in its field, with the ideal curriculum updated on a global scale.


(Management Information System) Department, which has the main purpose of training individuals who are equipped to bring success and happiness both in their professional private lives with its experienced and strong education staff, has aimed to constantly improve itself.Our students will have the opportunity to participate in activities that will contribute to their personal improvement by taking advantage of all kinds of social opportunities offered by our university. Both the conferences that they will listen to from people specializing in their field in each sector and numerous cultural activities allow our students to grow up as confident, successful in human relations, open to innovations, able to think quickly and correctly, environmentally-conscious individuals.


Our students, who have the chance to go to other countries within the framework of the Erasmus program and complete a part of their education there, will also have the opportunity to enter business life with a broad vision, equipped with information about the business and cultural life of the countries they visit.

Our university, which also gives the opportunity to double major to our students who have proved their success, will prepare our students for life in such a way that students will have superior characteristics by providing them with the information they will use in their educational life, after graduation and throughout their lives.


Job Opportunities

Our students who have successfully completed the courses of the Department of Management Information Systems will never have problems such as being unemployed. The reason is that all national and international companies and all government agencies are looking for individuals who have gained expertise in software, hardware, systems and networks, and are experts in data, information, IT, communication and information management in all business functions.


I wish success to our forward-thinking students who have chosen the department of Management Information Systems.


Instructor Member of Ali Anıl ÜNSAL

Head of Department

About the Department