Marketing Program (Distance Education)



It is to train professional personnel who have internalized the concepts and principles related to their subject, who can carry out the necessary planning and applications in order to effectively present the goods and services they have produced to the market, who are equipped with the professional knowledge and skills required by the changing market conditions, and who have the qualifications they need in the marketing and sales practices of our country’s businesses.


As a matter of fact, the sectors that focus on the way of marketing in all developed countries have the feature of being the sector that receives the largest share from the national income. With the emergence of the problem of managing large enterprises with a very complex manpower and the realization of this need, efforts to train professionals who will manage the complex dimensions of the business marketing system on a scientific basis have been initiated.


The marketing phenomenon, which has no doubt that it has a great contribution to the activation of businesses, should be considered as a profession with a high contribution in the field of business management and efforts to place and develop this profession should be intensified.


Our graduates from this program can work in many positions in the marketing departments of public institutions and companies, and in private institutions that conduct marketing research. In addition, they can also take part in the positions of research assistant, lecturer, lecturer in the departments of universities.