Mathematics and Computer Science



Mathematics is a discipline that studies the structure of numbers, figures, abstractions and the relations between these structures.  This science, which is almost as old as the history of mankind, is a common language that develops the ability to think scientifically and independently, reason and make decisions, and is the basis of all positive sciences.


The goals of the department:

  • To train qualified people who can interpret, question, and establish the cause-effect relationship with today’s business and social complex problems in parallel with the development of technology and industry that is changing with globalization, in our country as well as in the whole world,
  • To train people who can analyse,
  • To train people who can model and create solutions,
  • To train people to be equipped with mathematics and computer skills.


The Department aims to graduate students equipped with high levels of computer knowledge and skill along with a strong mathematical base. The four-year programme of the Department includes; mathematical subjects such as analysis, algebra, functions theory, differential equations, numbers theory, discrete mathematics; and computer subjects such as data structures and algorithms, logic circuits, programming languages, databases, operating systems, web designing and file systems.


Students of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department study English preparatory school for one year and complete their undergraduate studies in English as in some other departments of our university.


There are 100% and 50% scholarship student quotas in our department. In addition, successful students are given the opportunity to do a double major and minor in some engineering departments and in some other departments, if parallel programs are formed. A large number of elective courses in the last two years of the programme provide students with the opportunity to specialize as a mathematician supported by computer science or as a computer operator supported by mathematics. In addition, thanks to the Erasmus program, our students are offered the right to study at contracted universities for one or two semesters.


Job Opportunities

Our graduates can work in software, computer, finance, IT companies and information technologies center of all kinds of organizations all over the world, and again in these sectors, they may show activity in speciality areas such as project management, project development, programming, system analysis, web design. Moreover, our graduates who can work in departments where mathematics and analysis infrastructure such as optimization, resource usage and planning are important can work as experts, managers and researchers in the insurance sector, organizations related to Stock Exchanges and Securities.

About the Department