Mechanical Engineering Program



In today’s world where technological and scientific developments are very fast, it is clear that the education process should continue after undergraduate graduation. Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Program which set out with the aforementioned goals, will support  the participants in this direction and, perhaps, will enable them to gain a different perspective by informing them about concepts and techniques that they have not realized their importance to date.


Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Program is an education program which combines knowledge, techniques and skills in its own field, which takes into account the environment, quality and ethical values, and aims to design, produce, manage and continuously improve the systems based on human, machine, money, time, information and energy in order for organizations to achieve their targeted goals. It is also an education program that aims to teach these methods. With this program, it is aimed to train Mechanical Engineers who can follow the technological developments in the field of Mechanical Engineering and who can analyze these developments and adapt them to existing systems.


In the Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Program, there are compulsory and elective courses including the disciplines which are Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Engineering, Energy and Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Design and Construction and Mechatronics,  and also the courses selected from these disciplines.