Media and Cultural Studies Program



Media and Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary program that brings together the cultural perspectives of different fields such as anthropology, psychology, history, political science, sociology, literature and linguistics on a common ground. The program designed as Master’s Program with thesis aims to train graduates who can read and analyze today’s world, the developing, changing and transforming social and cultural life, social movements, cultural identities and cultural policies of this world through media texts, and who can carry out scientific studies that can give the society a critical, questioning, changer/transformational momentum.


In the program, as a requirement of its interdisciplinarity, communication and cultural theories, mass culture, popular culture, globalization, gender, representation of various identities in the media, media – economy – power relations, new communication technologies and similar topics are covered.


Anyone who has completed their education in different fields of social sciences, who is interested in all aspects of culture in life, and who wants to research the power of media to shape culture can apply to this program.


Media and Cultural Studies Master’s Program with thesis will also create an academic innovation and development field that will appeal to almost every field of social sciences. In order to make up for the deficiencies of students applying from different disciplines, a Scientific Preparatory Class was also established.


Students who are not graduated from the Faculty of Communication should take the “Communication Sociology” course in the 1st semester and the “Communication Theories” course in the 2nd semester.