Medical Biology





Department of Medical Biology focuses on diagnosis and treatment methods specific to cancer genetics in all genomic science fields including biology, cell biology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, epigenetics, forensic medicine, human genetics, genomics, transcriptomics, methylomics, metabolomics in the field of life and health sciences. It is a department that investigates all biological events between birth and death and the basis of the problems related to them, including neurooncology, cardiovascular diseases, ecology, epidemiology, industrial biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, personalized treatments, and provides education on these issues.


For this reason, Medical Biology conducts studies in all areas related to human biology and epidemiological and ecology within the scope of health sciences and evaluates these issues together. Medical Biology is a department within the Faculty of Medicine that takes the problem-based learning model as an example, which includes theoretical and applied courses covering basic genetics, cell biology, and molecular and genetic basis of diseases.

About the Department