Message From Dean



The Faculty of Science and Letters is a faculty that allows social sciences and natural sciences to coexist in the same structure, enabling scientific activities to be carried out more easily and successfully, as well as teaching in all basic sciences.


Istanbul Arel University Faculty of Science and Letters was established for this purpose. With its distinguished scientific staff, the faculty provides qualified teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our faculty’s vision is to connect our students with academic staff who are open to developments and innovations on the path to becoming an information and technology society, and who develop and renew themselves through academic and social studies, cultural, social, artistic, and sports activities activities that prioritize reason and science.


Our mission is to provide education and training in accordance with Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions, in accordance with our country’s basic values and strategic goals, to raise individuals who can think universally and are equipped with knowledge and skills that are valid all over the world, to produce expertise and technological advances that can find application in our country and around the world, and to interact academic staff in activities that contribute to the social, cultural, and economic development of our country.

The departments of Social Sciences in our faculty are Turkish Language and Literature, Psychology, Translation and Interpreting and Sociology.


The departments within the scope of science are Mathematics – Computer, Molecular Biology and Genetics departments.

In all these departments, intensive work is carried out in order to train scientists with the qualifications that our country needs. Faculty members take a close interest in students and guide them in all respects.


Students who demonstrate the necessary success and desire can continue their education in two separate departments by enrolling in double major or minor programs. Furthermore, after completing their undergraduate studies, each student has the option of continuing their education with thesis or non-thesis master’s programs.


English preparatory education is optional in the Turkish Language and Literature, Psychology and Sociology departments of our faculty. Students who fail the English language proficiency exam in the departments of Mathematics – Computer and Molecular Biology and Genetics are admitted to the Preparatory Class for one year. Students who are successful at the end of this period start the first year of the programs they are registered.


Language courses, including English, Advanced English, and Professional English, are offered to all of our students in order for them to be successful in their fields, follow international literature, and compete in the international arena. Moreover, our students can gain international education experience through Erasmus student mobility programs with many European universities. The equivalence of all courses in the curriculum of all our departments with the European Union Grade Transfer System (ECTS) has been realized in order for our students to easily benefit from the Erasmus exchange program.


We invite all of our students to our faculty to walk together in line with the goal of being intellectuals and global citizens who have the competencies to think critically, analyze, communicate, work independently, which are the qualifications sought by employers and graduate programs.

Sincerely yours,


Prof. Dr. Yusuf AVCI

Dean of the Faculty of Science and Letters