Nursing Program



Nurses are health personnel who are responsible for planning, implementing, evaluating and supervising care. It should be among the professions that need the most development in the 21st century. It is necessary to raise the level of education as indispensable health personnel in the health protection, treatment and care health team.


Graduate education (expertise) in nursing is necessary in order to carry out its applications on scientific grounds, based on evidence, to increase the quality of service, to contribute to the development of health for the benefit of the individual and society, to renew their knowledge with regular trainings and to contribute to their own development. In addition, the approval of the title of specialist nurse in terms of professional status by the Ministry of Health will also improve the professional status.


There is no master’s or doctorate program similar to this one currently at our university. There are similar programs in other universities in our country. Students who complete this program by gaining the qualifications detailed above can work in universities or hospitals and meet the needs of our country in this regard.