Oral and Dental Health Program



The Goal of the Program

The goal of the program is to train professionals who will provide the necessary environment for all clinical studies of dentist in a dentist’s office, in public or private dental clinic, will take responsibility in patient acceptance, treatment and record, who have the knowledge and skills to meet the changing needs of the society and to provide business and activity areas where these professionals can use their knowledge. The internship opportunities provided during the training provide a great opportunity for students to improve themselves to the maximum level. The educational program of the Vocational School should be aimed not only at theoretical improvement. At the same time, education should be reinforced with a strong practical infrastructure. Human relations, which are extremely important in today’s business world, are emphasized and the individual’s full social maturation is ensured.
Graduates of the Oral and Dental Health Program are awarded the Oral and Dental Health Associate Degree Diploma and the title of Health Technician (Oral and Dental Health).

  • When students graduates, courses and modules indicating the qualifications they have gained during the training period are specified in the appendix of diploma.
  • When students leaves the program without completing it, they are given a document indicating the courses and modules that show the qualifications they have gained during the training period.
  • The professional qualifications gained in the program are evaluated in career development in business life, certificate programs and, if desired, transitions to all other programs.


Job Opportunities

Students who have graduated from this program can work as “Oral and Dental Health Technician” in hospitals. Graduates of this department can work in dental laboratories, dental clinics, dental health departments of hospitals and companies providing technical equipment for dental health. Graduates of this department do not have the opportunity to work individually and can work in dental clinics, dental health departments of hospitals or public organizations. Oral and dental health technicians are seriously needed in public and private hospitals.


Undergraduate Departments that can be transferred with DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam)

  • Health Administration
  • Management of Healthcare Organizations