Our Quality Policy


  1. Quality Policy

Istanbul Arel University builds its all strategic, administrative and operational processes on the foundation of 3 fundamental principles:

  1. To provide student-centered education and training in compliance with international standards.
  1. To lead to scientific developments carrying out effective research and development activities which can be transformed into product.
  1. To provide service meeting social requirements.


In accordance with these principles, our university’s quality policy is:

  1. To monitor the quality assurance system running it in all academic and administrative departments, and to assess its effectiveness, and to enhance it with continuous improvement activities,
  1. To be a university which achieves recognition for its education and training, R&D and community service activities within international quality standards,
  1. To ensure the efficient and productive use of resources carrying out continuous improvement and development activities in all departments of the university.
  1. Education and Training Policy

Istanbul Arel University’s education and training policy is to equip the students with knowledge, skills and competence consistent with the international standards, high social awareness and sense of responsibility so that the alumni could take part in the international arena:

  1. To develop modern, technological curriculum shaped by the contributions of the internal and external partners and to ensure that these curriculums are updated through continuous improvement activities,
  1. To create an education and training process which supports and encourages the students in their learning to inquire, criticize and research along with interdisciplinary approach,
  1. To increase the number of international students and to promote cultural diversity via undergraduate and graduate programs,
  1. To provide barrier-free and easily accessible learning opportunities for the students requiring special treatment,
  1. To promote social, cultural and sport activities related to the development of students.
  1. Research and Development Policy

Istanbul Arel University’s research and development policy develops its research and development activities within national development plans, depending on the principle of contributing to our country’s competitiveness in the global world:

  1. To promote research and development activities creating value and evolving into social benefits,
  1. To ensure and promote the effective use of opportunities of modern technology for the production of new knowledge and technology,
  1. To provide opportunities to enhance research competence of the research staff,
  1. To assess and evaluate research and development activities periodically depending on data, to announce their results and to ensure the continuous improvement of the research-development process in the organization making use of these findings,
  1. To educate the students in a way that they will make a difference after their graduation by sharing the information obtained as a result of research activities with students through academic programs and to contribute to the development of new researchers by means of ensuring the students’ involvement in research activities,
  1. To ensure that knowledge and innovative ideas transform into economic benefits promoting entrepreneurship.
  1. Administration System Policy

Istanbul Arel University pursues an administration system policy aiming to ensure the fulfilment of strategic objectives and to promote innovative, managerial and administrative structuring:

  1. To perform administrative and academic processes fast and effectively,
  1. To be ethical, transparent and accountable in compliance with all existing legal and international guidelines and regulations,
  1. To implement and follow national and international quality standards to ensure information security,
  1. To use record and archive systems and to promote effective knowledge management in order to ensure the sustainability of administrative and academic processes,
  1. To ensure the sustainability of constructive and supportive sense of leadership in the administrative board for administrative and academic staff to have compliance with their duties and develop competence.
  1. Accountability Policy
  1. To act with the awareness of community service in compliance with our legal obligations and the legislation when we fulfill our duties.
  1. To share educational, research- development and community service practices with the public and to publish all the related reports in time and properly,
  1. To conduct required improvement and development activities assessing to what extent strategic aim and objectives in the strategic plan of our University is achieved and to share their results with the partners.
  1. To act with awareness of accountability and responsibility for accountability in accordance with service standards by being fair, objective and transparent in the all practices in-house and out of house, processes and in all relations.
  1. Social Contribution Policy:

Istanbul Arel University attaches importance to taking part in social responsibility projects to raise the awareness of public and to serve the community. Our policies adopted with the Strategic Aim of Community Service are as follows:

  1. To promote the activities assigned to the University for its integration with the society and community service in accordance with Article 12 under Higher Education Law.
  1. To promote projects, research and other academic activities related to the priority areas which make contribution to economic and social development of the society and the area.
  1. To provide internal and external partners with various information to raise the awareness of social contribution.
  1. To support collaboration and increase in the number of projects within the scope of social responsibility and community service practices.
  1. Internationalization Policy:

Istanbul Arel University proceeds according to its vision that Istanbul Arel University being a global university which gains international recognition. Our policies specified by the principle of increasing internationalization level within the scope of the Internationalization Strategy in Higher Education are as follows:

  1. To promote all the University partners’ (students, academic and administrative staff) participation in international projects, activities and mobility and to make related supportive decisions, to provide information and to encourage them.
  1. To conduct related activities for University’s all departments to take on the internalization policy.
  1. To encourage that University makes international agreements and sets up joint international projects with the purpose of making contact with all parts of the world.
  1. To promote cultural interaction uniting students from different cultures and our University’s students.
  1. To enhance the University’s visibility in International Platform taking part in international organizations.
  1. To enhance the University’s visibility before the International Platform organizing various events such as international conferences, symposiums, etc. in our University.