Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Program



The physiotherapist profession was born with the aim of eliminating the functional losses of the disabled population caused by wars, accidents and polio epidemics and has reached its current position by passing through various stages.


Today, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation has become a branch of science that plays an active role in improving the health of people of all age groups, including newborns and preterm births, as well as children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, in parallel with the developments in science and technique.


The physiotherapist determines, plans and implements evidence-based preventive and improving protocols by making measurements and tests related to her/his profession in order to regulate the physical activities of people and increase their mobility, except in cases of illness. It should be among the professions that need the most development thanks to extending of human life. It is necessary to increase the education level of the health personnel, who are indispensable in the health care team for the protection of health, treatment and care.


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Graduate Education (Expertise) is necessary in order to carry out its practices on scientific grounds, based on evidence, to increase the quality of service, to contribute to the development of health for the benefit of the individual and society, to renew their knowledge with regular trainings and to contribute to their own development.


There is currently no master’s or doctoral program similar to this program at our university. There are similar programs in other universities in our country. Students who complete this program by gaining the qualifications detailed above can work in universities or hospitals and meet the needs of our country in this regard.