Political Science and Public Administration



Political Science and Public Administration examines the theoretical analysis of issues such as political systems and political behavior, as well as the stages of public policy making, putting it into practice, and feedback. In addition to detailed analyzes of the main actors and institutions such as executive, legislative, judicial and non-governmental organizations that play a role in the decision-making process of the state and society, courses such as Political Structure and Life in Turkey, Constitutional Law, Comparative Political Systems, History of Political Thought, International Relations, Political Theory, Public Administration and Public Policies, Local Administrations are included in the curriculum. At the same time, they can take various social science courses offered by other departments related to the fields they want to pursue in business life and available in the faculty elective pool. Our rich teaching staff, who teach undergraduate and graduate courses, are specialized in their fields and carry out effective studies at national and international level.


Our students are encouraged to improve their knowledge of English with language courses in their curriculum in order to benefit from the wide range of careers in the globalizing world. Our department offers the opportunity to study in various European countries with Erasmus as a result of the agreements it has signed.



Why Political Science and Public Administration?

The elective courses, which allow the examination of other social science disciplines such as psychology, anthropology and sociology, as well as the main courses with a rich perspective, aim to develop the students’ ability of effective communication, written expression and critical perspective, which are the main elements of contemporary education. Besides, the aim of Political Science and Public Administration education is to educate open-minded and sociable individuals who can play a constructive role in the modernization of the political and social structure in Turkey and its adaptation to the globalizing new world order by having the necessary theoretical and practical infrastructure. It is aimed to train students as solution-oriented individuals who can think analytically in the face of the challenges they will face in a dynamic business world and to develop the necessary professional knowledge and skills they will need. Our department prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities in order to train future managers.



Job Opportunities

Graduates of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration can work in important sectors such as consulting, inspectorate, banking, communication, education, media and public relations, public institutions and international organizations. In addition to institutions such as TR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TR Ministry of Economy, TR Energy Market Regulatory Authority, TR Ministry of Interior, TR Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Turkish Petroleum Corporation, private organizations are among the local and international organizations where graduates of the department can work.


About the Department