Graduate Education Institute



Dear Students and Dear Representatives of the Professional World;


As far as you know, career is a reality that covers the business, social and managerial-leadership side of life, it is progress. It requires you to combine individual efforts with corporate contributions to advance in business, social and managerial life. In this aspect, you need to be more competitive, better equipped, more intellectual and more in-depth. It is a necessity and obligation to meet this requirement with “Graduate Education and Research”. On the one hand, you should be informed in detail, specialize and advance in the profession, while  should also progress in social life and managerial life. Social, business and managerial life requires you to be innovative, creative, productive, hardworking, prone to interaction and teamwork, and to have leadership skills. At this point, as Istanbul Arel University Graduate Education Institute, we will be in the service with 29 Master’s, 6 Doctorate and 1 Art Proficiency program.


As an institute that carries out its educational and research activities in the fields of science, health, social and art as an extension of an interdisciplinary approach, we have a competitive structure with our well-equipped academic staff, administrative staff that provides logistical support, and our senior management that provides full support. In addition to our programs that will allow you to be equipped in your fields, we are also ready to equip you with the skills required by social life and managerial-leadership life. While emphasizing that we also have programs that take into account the characteristics of the X, Y and Z generations, I invite you to join us with online and face-to-face communication and interaction… We are ready to benefit you in your multi-faceted career and to receive contributions from you as ambitious students and researchers as industry professionals.


Prof. Dr. Ali AKDEMIR
Graduate Education Institute – Director