Privacy/ Personal Data Protection Policy

This Personal Data Protection Policy is a statement that sets out our policy regarding your personal data while presenting the services belonging to arel.edu.tr and akademik.arel.edu.tr of “İSTANBUL AREL UNIVERSITY” (hereinafter referred to as UNIVERSITY”)


The purpose of the Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy is to set out:


  • What kind of personal data is being collected,
  • How these personal data is processed,
  • What your rights on your personal data processed by the UNIVERSITY are and how you can use these rights,
  • How you can change your positive or negative preferences for receiving electronic commercial messages




1-Your Personal Data Processed, Purpose, and Basis of Personal Data Processing

Your personal data that you have shared with us (name, surname, date of birth, phone number, e-mail address, gender, address, occupation, education, marital status, license plates, ID information, expenditures, bill information,  information that the member approves to be shared on the social media platforms if the member is connected to social media accounts, expenditures on social media accounts, i.e. which UNIVERSITY and when, time of the payment, campaigns benefited, the discount amount received,  navigation and click the information on the application, app location data, etc.) are processed to optimize our services.


In addition, within the scope of our legal obligations arising from Law No. 5651 on Regulating Broadcasts on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Broadcasts and related legislation, Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and related legislation, the relevant legislation, especially the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 and the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, your personal data are also processed to ensure that the said purpose and legal obligations are fulfilled. As it has been until today, this time your personal data is covered by the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.


Without prejudice to the exceptions in clauses 5 and 6, information will be processed and stored, based on your express consent, provided that it is not used outside of the purposes and scope determined by this Personal Data Protection Policy, and by taking information security measures. As of now, your personal data will be processed and stored by taking information security measures, provided that the exceptions outlined in the Article 5 and Article 6 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data are reserved, and provided that your personal data will not be used outside the scope and purposes determined by this Personal Data Protection Policy.


Consent for Data Sharing

You have consented to be collected, recorded, processed, stored, used by our UNIVERSITY and transferred/shared to the third parties listed below for the same purposes, for all kinds of electronic communication and sending other communication messages, to provide and present various advantages to you, advertising, promotion, sales, marketing, information, promotion, campaign notification, membership transactions, surveys, and customer satisfaction researches and services within this scope that are suitable for you personally, and the fulfilment of our legal obligations.


  • The third parties to whom you allow the transfer/sharing of your personal data are, including but not limited to, as follows,
  • Public and private institutions and organizations that İSTANBUL AREL UNIVERSITY is a partner and affiliate of
  • Both domestic and foreign third parties with whom İSTANBUL AREL UNIVERSITY has a contractual relationship;
  • Companies that provide research, promotion, and consultancy services that process data on behalf of our university;
  • Public institutions and organizations authorized to request personal data.


You can get information about other third parties to whom we transfer/share your personal data by contacting us.


This information will be shared with third parties with whom we have contractual relations, who have the same legal and technical responsibilities as us regarding data protection and security, and who comply with the provisions of the relevant legislation, only when necessary and to the extent necessary, only in order to provide the services to be provided to you in full and on time, to deliver your possible shipments in a healthy manner, to deliver our notifications on time via telephone, sms and/or e-mail, the data.


2- Measures Related to the Protection of Personal Data

Protection of personal data is an important issue for the UNIVERSITY. UNIVERSITY takes necessary measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access or loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration or destruction of this information.

The UNIVERSITY undertakes to keep your personal data confidential, to take all necessary technical and administrative measures and to exercise due diligence in order to ensure confidentiality and security. In the event that personal data is damaged as a result of attacks on the website and the system, or captured by third parties although UNIVERSITY has taken the necessary information security measures, UNIVERSITY immediately notifies you and the Personal Data Protection Board.


3- Your rights as per Article 11 of the Law no. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data,

You are entitled to apply for UNIVERSITY and request;

  1. a) to learn whether your personal data is processed or not,
  2. b) to request information if processed,
  3. c) to learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used for their purpose,

ç) to know the third parties your personal data is transferred within or outside the country,

  1. d) to request correction if processed deficiently/faulty, (if your personal data is incomplete/incorrectly processed, you can contact arel@arel.edu.tr to change your data),
  2. e) to request deletion/destruction of your personal data pursuant to Article 7 of the Law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data,
  3. f) to request that the transactions carried out in accordance with sub-paragraphs (d) and (e) above are notified to third persons it was transferred,
  4. g) to object to the occurrence of a result against you due to analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
  5. d) to claim the damage be compensated in the event of damage due to the processing of personal data unlawfully.

You can always contact us by sending an e-mail to arel@arel.edu.tr in order to exercise your rights regarding your personal data pursuant to article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698.


4- Personal Data Retention Period

In accordance with the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce; The approval, the withdrawal of the approval, the content of the commercial electronic message and other records related to the post will be recorded to be submitted to the relevant Ministry when necessary and will be kept for 3 years from the date of the expiry of the approval. After the time has elapsed, your personal data shall be erased, destructed or anonymized by us or at your request.


5-Keeping Your Personal Data Accurate and Up-to-Date

The User/Users acknowledge and declare that the information they share on the website is correct and kept up-to-date and that they know that they are important in terms of using the rights they have on their personal data within the meaning of the Law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and in terms of all other legislation, and that they will be solely responsible for misleading. You can contact us for changes and/or updates related to your personal data that you have shared by emailing the address arel@arel.edu.tr .


6-Deletion, Destruction or Anonymization of Your Personal Data

Your personal data processed for the purposes set out in this “Terms of Use and Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Clarification Text” shall be continued to be anonymized and used by us when the objective that requires processing according to Article 7/f.1 of the Law no. 6698 is eliminated and when the periods determined by the law according to Article 138 of the Turkish Penal Code have elapsed.


You have the right to delete and withdraw your consent at any time regarding the processing and use of your personal data. If you want your personal data to be deleted arel@arel.edu.tr you can contact the address.


7-Amendments in the Privacy / Personal Data Protection Policy

UNIVERSITY can make amendments to this “Terms of Use and Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Consent” at any time. These changes take effect immediately after the new “Terms of Use and Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy” is published on “http://www.arel.edu.tr”. We will provide you with the necessary information to keep you informed of any amendments in this “Terms of Use and Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy”.


8-Applicable Law, Competent Court And Enforcement Offices

These “Terms of Use and Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy” are governed by the Laws of the Republic of Turkey. In case of any dispute or controversy or claim regarding the matters contained herein, Istanbul (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized.


9-Final Provisions

The User/Users irrevocably agree, represent and undertake that they have read “Terms of Use and Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy” above before they visit the website; that they will comply with all the requirements listed above; that the contents of the UNIVERSITY, as well as all our electronic media and computer records, shall constitute conclusive evidence pursuant to Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedures.


Within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698, I consent to the collection, registration, processing, storage, use and transfer/sharing of my personal data to third parties for the same purposes by your University in accordance with the law and the above principles.