Protection of Personal Data




Explicit Consent and Clarification Text on Processing and Protection of Personal Data

As T.R. Istanbul Arel University (“University”), our purpose is to collect, keep and share personal data and to take the highest safety measures in order to protect the privacy of individuals in compliance with rights and the law no 6698 of LPPD.


We aim to inform you in the clearest way possible about the way of collecting your data, processing purposes, transfer of those, legal reasons and your rights within the scope of your satisfaction and the 10th article of the “Law on Protection of Personal Data”


Your personal data may be reached and processed by Istanbul Arel University (“University”), acting as data supervisor in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 (“Law no 6698”) regarding the following.


  1. Purposes of Processing Personal Data
  • Carrying out necessary works for you to benefit from the services of our university with the related departments, promoting our university and its activities, enabling people to utilize the products and services offered by the University,
  • Meeting miscellaneous requirements regarding the inspection and activities of education determined by the Law of Higher Education, secondary regulations and Higher Education Institution (HEI), performing education, scientific research, publishing and consulting activities, providing rights according to the education activities within the scope of the higher education legislation and internal regulations of the University, realizing several academic and administrative procedures for the production and issuance of identification cards,
  • Listing, reporting, verification, analysis and evaluations, producing statistical and scientific information, analyzing your way of using our website, mobile application and other communication channels and personalizing the use,
  • Protecting and providing the rights and responsibilities of the students, studying in the related departments doing internships within the units of the university or in institutions outside the university,
  • Including the protection of the safety of life and property for the students/staff/visitors or compliance with the rules specified in this article; use of your data for the purpose of fulfilling the demands or necessities of the legal obligations, judicial bodies or competent administrative institutions. Transferring the data to information processing infrastructures, cloud computing systems, and archiving them to meet the legal obligations and realize the purposes being mentioned here in electronic or physical environment after taking the necessary safety and legal precautions,
  • In the case of being a member of one of the University Student clubs; sharing your personal data with legally competent governmental institutions or private entities if deemed necessary in terms of processing the registrations prescribed by the University within the laws, also with any association, foundation and non-governmental organization related to the clubs,
  • Mainly in order to research and develop our services and your opportunities to choose regarding these, to contact you for market research through the communication channels directly shared by your part beforehand, to provide your registration to the University and the process to be continued, to carry out, improve the business and academic procedures of the University and to ensure that these activities are used as regard to education activities, your personal data shall be processed for the following purposes within the conditions and purposes of personal data processing specified in the 5th and 6th articles of the Law no 6698.
  1. With the purpose of following the policies of University’s Department of Human Resources and in accordance with the policies of University’s Department of Human Resources; operations leading, staff procurement for vacant positions, taking the necessary precautions, fulfilling obligations within the scope of occupational health and safety, Labor Law, Social Security Law, legislation regulating other areas of work,
  1. Pursuant to the agreements made with third persons, natural persons or legal entities, who are professionally related to University; in order to perform legal and commercial responsibilities, fulfilling the obligations arising from the contracts formed by the University with business partners/clients/suppliers (officers or employees), establishment of rights, protection of rights, commercial and legal evaluation procedures, legal and commercial risk analysis, legal harmonization process, execution of financial procedures,
  1. In accordance with the purpose of specifying and applying commercial and business strategies of the University; financial operations led by the University, communication, market research and social responsibility activities, purchasing operations (demand, bid, evaluation, order, budgeting, contract), specifying and applying commercial and business strategies of the University, System and application management within University, management of legal operations.
  1. To Whom and for What Purpose Personal Data can be Transferred

Your personal data collected; can be transferred to authorities such as business associates, Higher Education Institution, SSI, to competent governmental institutions as jurisdictions, to ministries, to consultants, establishments, parties, associated organizations and organizations for payment systems conforming to legislations within the purposes and conditions of personal data processing specified in the 8th and 9th articles of the Law no 6698, for the purposes of carrying out the education activities on behalf of the University, provision of the legal and commercial safety for the people interacting professionally with our University, ensuring physical safety and inspection in the facilities and buildings of the University’s indoor/outdoor locations, managing legal adaptation periods, performing fiscal and financial transactions, determining and exercising commercial and business strategies.

  1. The Method and Legal Reason of Collecting Personal Data

Your personal data: online written/digital applications to the websites, social media, call center, printed forms, juridical record check, SSI registries, PTT, navigation records on website are collected and preserved via the channels through which our University has been contacted or can contact you later for a certain legal period.


The personal data collected with these methods can be processed and shared for the purposes specified in the articles b and c of this notice within the scope of the 5th and 6th articles of the Law no 6698.

  1. The Rights of the Personal Data Owner Mentioned in the 11th Article of the Law no 6698

If you make a request to the University regarding your rights as possessors of personal data with the methods set below, our University will respond to the request as soon as possible, within 30 days, free of charge. However, in case the procedure requires an extra cost, the fee specified by Personal Data Protection Committee of the University shall be collected. Within this context, personal data possessors have right to;

  • Learn about the processing of the personal data,
  • Demand information about whether the personal data have been processed,
  • Learn about the purpose of processing the personal data and their convenience in use,
  • Know about the third persons to whom the personal data are delivered both inland and abroad,
  • Demand for the correction of the falsely or shortly processed personal data and notification to the third persons to whom the personal data have been transferred,
  • Demand for deletion or elimination of personal data if the reason for them to be process is no longer an issue, although previously they had been processed conforming with the Law no 6698 and other related provisions and demand for notification to the third persons to whom the personal data have been transferred,
  • Object to any result to arise against the persons themselves through analysis of the processed data exclusively with automatic systems,
  • Demand for indemnification if the person suffers from a loss as a result of processing the personal data against the law.

In accordance with the 1st item of the 13th article of the Law no 6698, you can submit your petition suggesting that you would like to exercise your rights set above to our University in written form or using other methods determined by Personal Data Protection Committee. As Personal Data Protection Committee has not specified any methods for the time being, it is required that you submit your application to the University in written form, in accordance with the Law no 6698. In this context, the channels and ways through which you can submit your application in written form are stated below according to the 11th article of the law no 6698:

To exercise your rights set above: you can submit a signed copy of your petition containing your demands as to your rights to be exercised in accordance with the 11th article of the Law no 6698 with your identification information, filling out the Information Request Form in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data (LPPD) to Istanbul Arel University, Türkoba Mahallesi, Erguvan Sokak, No=26/K, 34537, Tepekent, Büyükçekmece-Istanbul, you can also send it through public notaries or using other methods specified in the Law no 6698, or you can convey it as securely e-signed to the mail address: areluniv@hs01.kep.tr.

  1. Cases where Law on Protection of Personal Data cannot be Exercised

The provisions below, to which LPPD conditions cannot be applied are reserved:

  1. Processing the personal data for the activities regarding the persons themselves or family members living in the same residence on condition that the liabilities as to the data security are fulfilled and the date are not shared with the third persons.
  2. Processing the personal data for the purposes of research, planning and statistics by anonymizing them with official statistics.
  3. Processing the personal data for artistic, historical, literary, or scientific purpose or in accordance with freedom of expression provided that national defense, national security, public security, public order, economical security, right of privacy or personal rights are not breached or as long as it does not constitute a crime.
  4. Processing the personal data within the scope of preventive, protective and informative activities carried out by public authorities and institutions authorized and appointed by law so as to provide national defense, national security, public security, public order or economical security.
  5. Processing the personal data by judicial offices or enforcement authorities relating to investigation, prosecution, judgement or enforcement procedures.
  1. The cases below, where data supervisor’s obligation to inform is not practiced, are reserved:

Providing that the articles conform to the LPPD purposes and basic principles;

  • The 10th article regulating the informative obligation of the data supervisor,
  • The 11th article regulating the person related, except for the right to demand for indemnification
  • The 16th article regulating the record for the Date Supervisors’ Registration are not practiced in the following cases:
  1. If personal data processing is necessary to avoid committing crime or to investigate any crime
  2. If the personal data processed had been revealed by the persons themselves,
  3. If the personal data are necessary for disciplinary proceedings and prosecutions for the execution of audit or regulation duties by officers and competent public authorities, also professional organizations acting as public institutions based upon the authorization granted by law for processing personal data,
  4.  If the personal data are necessary for the protection of the economic and financial interests of the Government in terms of budget, taxes and financial issues.

Further information about LPPD

You can acquire detailed information about LPPD through: www.kvkk.gov.tr

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