Psychology is a branch of science that studies human behavior and mental processes. The Department of Psychology has faculty members with expertise in different fields and a qualified and strong staff that can support the theoretical and practical development of students. Students have the opportunity to get acquainted with various areas of psychology during their undergraduate studies with the opportunities for compulsory on-the-job practice and the richness of elective courses offered.


The Goals of the Department

To train graduates

· who can direct psychological science with an understanding of education at international standards,

· who know the ways to access information, are researchers, creative and can use their imagination,

· who are respectful, work in line with ethical values, are productive and sensitive to social problems,

· who are respectful of their values, have developed communication skills, engage in scientific work and contribute to scientific work,

· who are critically minded, beneficial to their nation and humanity, who are aware of social responsibility and who have the values of democracy.


The Psychology Department of Istanbul Arel University provides students who do not want their education to be limited to a bachelor’s degree with the opportunity to become an expert in their fields with and without dissertation psychology and clinical psychology master’s programs. Istanbul Arel University allows its students to pursue an academic career with the “Clinical Psychology” doctoral program. The Department of Psychology has many research and application laboratories that they can use during their undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies. Students will be able to perform experimental studies by analyzing the oscillations related to the event and the potentials related to the event in order to study the cognitive processes in the brain in the psychophysiology laboratory that has been completed. In the clinical psychology observation laboratory, there is an infrastructure where students can conduct psychotherapy and supervision training within the scope of Clinical Psychology graduate programs.


Job Opportunities

Students who graduate from this program receive a “Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the Faculty of Science and Literature of Istanbul Arel University”. The title of “Psychologist” is given to our graduates who can work in a very broad area where service in the field of psychology is needed. Our graduates are employed in the institutions of the Ministry of Health, schools, guidance-counseling centers, special education centers, kindergartens, nursing homes, classrooms, mental health units, mental health units, the relevant departments of public institutions, human resources of the private sector, military and police units.

About the Department