Public Administration and Political Science Program



Public Administration and Political Science Master’s Program aims to inform students about the basic concepts, theories and approaches of political science and public administration, and to enable students to develop their analysis skills by following the political, administrative and legal changes taking place at global and local levels. In parallel with the rapid spread of globalization, democratization and urbanization, issues such as increasing political participation, faster transfer of resources from the center to the environment, and how to provide more efficient service delivery have begun to come to the fore both in the world and in Turkey, and these developments increase the importance of local governments.


From this point of view, in parallel with the developments in science, there are many developments and changes in public administration, states and society in general, and public administration in particular, have to comply with these developments and changes at all stages. These developments, which are not completely disconnected or unique from the old management thoughts and systems, cause pressure on the ruler and the ruled when they cannot be fully understood or explained. This pressure can make positive developments negative for both sides. In the context of all these conditions, this program covers the theoretical and practical information necessary to enable students to evaluate the current trends in public administration with the understanding of governance brought about by technological developments and globalization, to recognize local government structures and policies in the world, to analyze urban and environmental problems in the context of local government, and to produce policies for the solution of these problems.


Innovations and changes in political and social life in the world and in Turkey necessitate the development of new policies by changing their existing systems and processes within the framework of changing conditions, dynamics and needs of political and public institutions and local government organizations. Our program aims to contribute to meeting the need for qualified people to realize these changes. For this reason, a graduate program, including the development of both theoretical infrastructure and practical knowledge levels and analysis capacities, has been created  so that students who want to pursue an academic career or who want to work or are working in public institutions, local governments, non-governmental organizations have the necessary vision, knowledge and competencies.