Purpose and Objectives




The Turkish Language and Literature Program aims to educate prospective teachers who examine the sound, structure, sentence, meaning, type, form and content characteristics of oral and written products of Turkish language and literature, which are constantly changing and developing, who are sensitive to Atatürk’s principles and Republic values, who use computer information and technologies, who are aware of professional responsibilities, who have ethical values, who can think critically and creatively, who are language and literature researchers and who have the academic equipment to work as Turkish teacher and Turkish Language and Literature teacher in schools, private schools, study and private lesson centers affiliated to the Ministry of Education.



To gain advanced knowledge in the fields of Turkish Language, Old Turkish Literature, New Turkish Literature and Turkish Folk Literature.

To provide the ability to use Turkish verbally and in writing in a correct, competent and understandable way.

To gain the ability to analyze a literary text in terms of shape and content.

To gain the ability to determine and interpret the interaction between literary texts and historical, political, cultural and social conditions by making use of fields such as history, art history and sociology.

To gain the ability to make intertextual comparisons.

To contribute to national and international scientific studies and to be aware of continuous learning.

About the Department