Radio and Television Programming



The goal of this program is to train qualified personnel in the fields of radio and television with practical training carried out together with theoretical training.Graduates can find a job as an Assistant Director, Production Assistant, Script writer and Copywriter, Reporter, Cameraman, Sound and Light Officer.

Undergraduate Departments that can be transferred with DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) *

  • Press and Publication
  • Film Design and Screenwriting
  • Film Design and Directing
  • Film Design
  • Photography and Video
  • Journalism
  • Visual Communication
  • Visual Communication Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design
  • Public Relations
  • Public Relations and Advertising
  • Public Relations and Publicity
  • Communication
  • Communication Sciences
  • Communication Arts
  • Communication Design
  • Communication Design and Media
  • Communication Design and Management
  • Communication and Design
  • Editing, Sound and Cinematography
  • Media and Visual Arts
  • Media and Communication
  • Radio and Television
  • Radio, Television and Cinema
  • Cinema and Digital Media
  • Cinema and Television
  • Television Reporting and Programming
  • New Media

* These are the departments included in the 2018 OSYM guide.