Dear Students,


Our university provides services not only for the students but also for the future of humanity with its tradition of education of over 30 years, expert faculty, technological infrastructure, social activities, Research and Development centers, curricula integrated with the business industries, career programs and all their investments. Cevizlibağ, the Faculty of Medicine to which first students all bearing full scholarship have been admitted; Technology Center, Arel Park Project, Arel Media Office, Arel Student Village, Arel Sports Facilities located in Kemal Gözükara Campus, and all other investments offer a significant physical space to scholars, students and business world.

Our ranking 14th, upon having passed 7 ranks by the year 2020 as of 2018, in the Foundation Universities ranking of URAP, measuring the academic performances of universities shows the contributions of our faculty to scientific fields.

We are practicing several operations of importance with the industries in order to pave the way for our students providing them with the opportunities of producing, serving in science and development programs and projects.

Within this purpose, through Arel Professional (ArelPro) we find out about the expectations of companies operating in different industries asking thousands of them the question “What type of qualifications and experiences are you seeking out of a graduate?”. With the elaborately created course contents, we develop taking into consideration the feedback retrieved from the companies, we prepare the students so that they can live up to the quality labor expected by the business areas with the competencies and skills they have gained throughout their educational experience.

In the light of all these improvements, İstanbul Arel University continues to cultivate the students to contribute to humanity and our country, adopting the legacy of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his quote “My moral heritage is science and reason”.


Prof. Dr. A. Ercan Gegez

Prof. Dr. A. Ercan GEGEZ

Prof. Dr. Gegez was granted the title “Doctor of the Field of Production Management and Marketing” through his thesis on “International Market Entry Barriers and an Application Study” at the Institute of Social Sciences in Marmara University in 1997.Prof. Dr. Gegez received the title of “assistant professor” in 1999 and “associate professor” in 2004 and “professor” in 2009, and was appointed as the Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in September 2011. After the faculty was transformed into the Faculty of Business Administration in 2012, he became the Founding Dean of the faculty.
Prof. Dr. Gegez, conducting studies on international marketing, competition and marketing research, published many national and international articles, official statements and books. Gegez, who is the member of Board of Directors of Turkish Association of Marketing and Vice-Chairman of the Association of Marketing and Marketing Research was appointed as the Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Altınbaş University and then he became the Founder Dean of Business Administration. As of May 2021, he has become Acting President of Istanbul Arel University. Prof. Dr. Gegez is a member of a family with one child and also speaks English as foreign language.