Mission & Vision




The mission of Istanbul Arel University’s English Preparatory School is to equip our students with the knowledge and skills they can proficiently utilize in both their academic and social lives in accordance with the demands of the modern age. Through contemporary methods and techniques, we provide a conducive educational environment, guided by experienced and qualified instructors, enabling students to enhance their second language skills. We not only aim to provide our students with the best possible foreign language education but also encourage them to become independent learners. Therefore, based on the fundamental principles outlined above, we believe that we effectively prepare our students for their future academic pursuits.



As the English Preparatory School of Istanbul Arel University, our vision encompasses:

· Elevating the academic significance of the English language to the highest level in our educational process.

· Offering the most effective methods to address the challenges students encounter in learning English, thereby elevating their foreign language proficiency levels.

· Enhancing our students’ English language knowledge and skills using the technological tools integral to contemporary English instruction.

· Enabling our students to attain a level of foreign language proficiency that empowers them to represent our university internationally.

· Providing our students with social activities, suitable physical facilities, and a strong academic faculty, positioning our school in a unique and distinguished place.